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China Central Ethnic Song and Dance Ensemble

The China Central Ethnic Song and Dance Ensemble is one of China national leading musical dance troupes. It was founded in 1952 by the late Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai to develop China's performing arts and deepen friendships with people across the world through cultural exchanges. The ensemble is made up of dancers and musicians from 37 ethnic groups in China and contains the best Chinese ethnic artists.

Based in Beijing, the ensemble started with members traveling to the remote and often mountainous or prairie areas in south, west and north China to look for the best of the ethnic minority dancers and musicians and collect their songs and dances to preserve the original flavor of traditional folk art while reflecting the lifestyle of minorities. The founders believed the ensemble could only develop when it had its roots in the rich cultural and artistic heritage of the ethnic minorities in China.

All their performances are full of fashion and fiery passion. To date, the ensemble has performed in more than 70 countries. Annually, it gives more than 100 performances in China and has the rare distinction of selling out every performance.


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